Combining AI and complexity science with the efficiencies of the platform economy, ALPHA10X maps and predicts the future of technology, matching investors and the enterprise with startups, to accelerate innovation and increase investor returns, via access, orchestration, and algorithms.

Built on the Microsoft Azure Stack, ALPHA10X ingests volumes of structured and unstructured data from over one million sources, extracting insights, and shaping them into knowledge, that inform predictions, and matches, via artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms.

At the heart of platform, a multidimensional mapping and spatiotemporal positioning system detects, enumerates, and graphs technology ‘genes’ and their interconnections, forming a dynamically mutating technology ‘genome’, that adapts to surges of contextually relevant data an ‘epigenome’.

Designed as a navigation and guidance service for public and private investors and enterprise leaders, ALPHA10X applies AI to analyze big data, predict the future, measure technology-market-fit and asset value, and precision-target innovation capital based on individual investment thesis or business strategy.