Innovation can be defined as a series of waves, when the accumulation and rate of change combine to produce an exponential effect. The coming wave of intelligent, ambient, and sentient exponential technologies—the Sixth Wave of Computing—will generate more innovation and wealth than any force in history. For entrepreneurs and investors, it will be the stuff of dreams.

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The globalization of innovation has decentralized power away from large organizations and closed systems, distributing it to highly agile startups around the globe. Silicon Valley is no longer a region. It is a platform and a state of mind.

For the emerging generations, the startup is the social ideal. The culture hero, the entrepreneur. Inspired by the Valley’s iconic leaders, these entrepreneurs are proving that they can innovate as aggressively, create as ingeniously, and work as hard as their contemporaries in Silicon Valley.

The democratization of innovation is disrupting industries that have been traditionally ‘walled gardens’, transforming them into open platforms, directly accessible ecosystems of talent, technology, and data. Platforms disintermediate established, linear, business models, creating exponential value, faster, via direct access, network orchestration, and algorithms. In the platform economy, data is the new oil, and AI is the new electricity.

Unconventional thinking and exponential technologies promise to solve many of the world’s most difficult problems, improving health and education, reducing inequality, and stimulating economic growth—all while confronting climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Inspired by radical ideas, and real impact, we believe that building a better world is the ultimate investment. It is also a multi-trillion dollar market in the making.