ALPHA10X Emerges from Stealth With $9.4 Million In Seed Funding

ALPHA10X Emerges from Stealth With $9.4 Million In Seed Funding

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — February 1, 2022 — Innovation is a vast, entangled system that blurs the lines between the physical, digital, and biological. Public policymakers, investors across asset classes, and business leaders, lack the data-driven decision-support systems needed to decode the complexity, to predict the future, and target their programs and capital at the innovations that may deliver maximum impact and ROI. The ALPHA10X platform applies state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models and methods to shape precise investment knowledge from billions of data entities and their connections, generating actionable insights, and predicting the future with high accuracy. The AI is designed to seek "Alpha", to beat the expected market return, for all in the value chain, investors, acquirors, and founders.

“ALPHA10X dynamically shapes, curates, and maps, highly salient context-specific knowledge, to deliver the equivalent of millions of 80th percentile analysts at once, replicating human reasoning.” said Robert Marcus, ALPHA10X founder and CEO, and a former Silicon Valley venture capitalist, investment banker, and a director on the Microsoft M&A team. “AI will generate more innovation and impact than any force in history. For investors, it will be the stuff of dreams.” Curating deep knowledge from massive volumes of scientific, innovation and investment datasets, we compute precise analytics and predict the future with high accuracy.

A breakthrough technology resides at the heart of the system, the ALPHA10X Codex.  This lingua franca is an extensible classification and analytical capability that independently curates and delivers the specific knowledge investors need to understand, value, and manage life science ventures. It autonomously generates a specialized ontological and taxonomical expression of user-specific knowledge, scores, and predictions. It offers a highly scalable, extensible, and enrichable, no-code solution to investors and analysts, dynamically generating tailored insights specific to business use-case, based on criteria such as thesis, technology, region, sector, segment, and stage, as well as individual usage patterns. It dynamically adapts, acquiring early, weak signals, modelling the butterfly effect in social dynamics—the idea that a small, isolated change can cause long-lasting systemic shifts. Recognizing the life sciences as an asset class, a group of securities that exhibit similar characteristics and behave similarly to one another in the marketplace, it eliminates bias, allowing investors to objectively discuss, compare, and analyze precise, highly relevant knowledge, using the same definitions and framework. It provides consistency, coherence, alignment, and precision.

It autonomously generates a specialized ontological and taxonomical expression of user-specific knowledge, scores, and predictions.

The team includes prominent AI scholars and scientists with PhDs and advanced degrees from elite schools in eighteen countries. The board, all investors in the company, includes private equity investor and serial entrepreneur, Michael Howell, as chairman, as well as professor Irad Ben-Gal head of the AI and Business Analytics Lab at Tel Aviv University, and visiting professor at Stanford University, Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya), Carnegie Group Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Yoram Yaacovi, former head of Microsoft Research in Israel, and Pieter Knook, former president of Microsoft Asia.

The company has received $9.4 million in seed investment. Its first commercial contract was signed in the summer of 2021. It has been recognized by Microsoft in partnership with INRIA, France’s National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, as one of the leading AI startups in Europe. The European Union recognized ALPHA10X with the “Seal of Excellence” for market-creating innovations that shape the future.

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Founded in 2018, with business headquarters in the USA, and R&D in the South of France and Morocco, ALPHA10X is purposed for the emerging class of ‘impact unicorns’, startups that are valued at one billion dollars or more and improve the lives of one billion people or more. Inspired by radical ideas and real impact, we believe that building a better world is the ultimate investment.