AI-Powered Technology Investment

High Impact and Alpha

Exponential investing in private technology markets.

We build the predictive intelligence software investors and acquirers trust to make AI-assisted decisions.

AI as Alchemy — Transmuting Data Into Knowledge

Curating deep knowledge from massive volumes of scientific, innovation and investment datasets, we compute precise analytics and predict the future with high accuracy.

We provide dynamic, exhaustive, global coverage of all scientific, innovation and investment data, analyzed through the medium of the canonical investment knowledge graph.

Semantic tokens
Scientific publications
News articles
Job postings
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What Makes ALPHA10X Powerful

We apply the compute power of a million 80th percentile analysts, implementing AI to shape, curate, and map highly-salient knowledge, compute probabilistic scores and actionable insights, and predict outcomes with high accuracy.
  1. Discovery

    We reveal relevant knowledge and insights by automating discovery with semantic search and advanced Natural Language Processing models  – for faster business results. This dramatically saves on the time spent in deal sourcing, scouting and qualification, research, and analysis, accelerates time-to-impact, and reduces the immeasurable cost of lost opportunity.

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  2. Analysis

    We streamline the resource-intensive process of research and analysis. We track trends, markets, competitors, science and technologies, map hotspots so that investors and innovators can source inspiration from the closest semantically deduced correlations. We shape knowledge; matching, and analysing based on individual strategy or thesis, as well as individual usage patterns, to reveal the ‘unknown unknowns.

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  3. Integrations

    Our APIs provide open interfaces for customization and easy extensibility. As a system that uses open data formats, ALPHA10X is interoperable and extensible to accommodate an evolving technology landscape including the field of generative AI. We aggregate structured, unstructured, alternative, and your proprietary data, onto one platform. Exhaustive data becomes flexibly available to power decision-making.

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Accelerate Decisions

Increase the velocity of decision-making and process by 90%

Reduce Time

Reduce cost and analysis time by 75% with search exhaustivity

Boost Productivity

Increase analyst productivity by 90% through AI

Generate High Alpha

Lock in arbitrage though predictive intelligence

Build Resilience

Pre-emptively adjust to financial shocks and bubbles with early signals

“AI promises unimaginable breakthroughs in science and engineering, and solutions to our greatest challenges. It will create more innovation, impact, and wealth than any force in history. And we’ve barely begun.”
Robert Marcus, ALPHA10X Founder and CEO
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