ALPHA10X Signs Partnership Agreement with IAC Partners

PARIS, FRANCE — October 9, 2023 — ALPHA10X, developer of the category-leading predictive intelligence software innovators and investors trust to support AI-assisted decisions that generate high impact and alpha, has signed a broad partnership agreement with IAC Partners, a strategy consulting firm with offices in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Chicago, and Singapore.

Curating deep knowledge from massive volumes of scientific, innovation and investment datasets, ALPHA10X has applied advanced AI methods andmodels to aggregate and semantically connect dynamic data from a multitude of diverse sources, shaping, curating, and mapping highly relevant knowledge, detecting, and correlating similarities, computing probabilistic scores and actionable insights, and predicting outcomes with high accuracy.

AI promises unimaginable breakthroughs in science and engineering, and meaningful solutions to our greatest challenges. It will create more innovation, impact, and wealth than any force in history. We’re excited to partner with IAC, to complement their strategic advisory services with the power of AI.
Robert Marcus, ALPHA10X CEO - Former Silicon Valley venture capitalist

IAC and ALPHA10X will collaboratively develop targeted solutions that are optimized for thelarge enterprise clients that IAC concentrates on.

“ALPHA10X shapes highly salient knowledge via it’s canonical knowledge graph”, said Jean-Baptiste Guillaume, Partner at IAC Partners. This vast semantic network comprises over half-a-trillion semantic tokens and over thirty billion entities (data model objects) and connections between them. ALPHA10X will help us deliver data-driven decision-support, reducing research and analysis time, increasing productivity, to generate better, faster outcomes for our clients”.

About ALPHA10X: Founded in 2018, headquartered in Luxembourg, with R&D campuses in the South of France and Morocco, and offices in the U.S.A. and U.K., ALPHA10X is purposed for the emerging class of‘impact unicorns’, startups that are valued at one billion dollars or more and improve the lives of one billion people or more. The company has been recognized by Microsoft, as one of the leading AI startups in Europe, and by the EU for market-creating innovations that shape the future.

About IAC Partners: IAC Partners is a strategy consulting firm renowned for its technical and operational expertise. Building on more than 30 years of experience, IAC Partners serves its clients through 2 core Practices: Growth Strategy & Product Leadership. IAC Partners, based in Paris, Lyon,Toulouse, Chicago and Singapore, serves its clients, Mid-Caps or Large International Groups on all continents while understanding their local needs.

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