Applying innovative, market-leading AI methods, ALPHA10X shapes knowledge out of tens of billions of data entities and their connections, and predicts the future to target R&D and capital at the innovation that will deliver exponential impact and ROI. 

Search & Discovery

Accelerate time-to-impact, revealing highly relevant Linked Data – topics, papers, patents, diseases, genes, technologies, people, companies and much more – from homogenized sources via Natural Language Processing, Semantic Search, and Graph Theory.


Savings in research time


Improve competitiveness via Machine Learning-generated leading indicators – charts, graphs, heatmaps etc. – analyzing the affective state of diverse data via Sentiment Analysis, and matching investors and targets via a graph-based Recommendation Engine.


Gain in productivity


Increase ROI via data-driven decision support projections – future asset values, probability of success, and much more – all computed via Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks, and made approachable and understandable via an intuitive user-interface.


Predictive accuracy

Built as a Microsoft Azure cloud native application, with Office 365 embedding.