ALPHA10X is a software Platform-as-a-Service that applies AI and Machine Learning, including Natural Language Processing, Sentiment and Emotion Analysis, Semantic Processing, Knowledge Graph, Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation, and Quantitative Probabilistic algorithms and methods to quantitatively support and guide innovation and investment decisions by predicting and valuing technology asset futures.

Ingesting, classifying, analyzing, and decoding early signals from 5 million data sources, correlated against 5 billion records in 8 languages, backtested against 10 years of historical data, ALPHA10X delivers statistically significant, contextually relevant predictions of technology asset value.

Data complexity reductionism, classification, and organization, is achieved through ontological scientific methods, with a genome dynamically ordering and categorizing technologies into the same building blocks (genes), the analysis of which generates a consistent description and understanding of the function and relative value of any individual technology, as well as it’s similarities and differences to related technologies, at a deep technical DNA level.

Designed to connect the people, venture capital, and exponential technologies that promise to solve the world’s greatest challenges, ALPHA10X algorithmically matches investors, acquirers and sellers, in an open, adaptive, marketplace economy.

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