ALPHA10X is an AI and Machine Learning platform that predicts the future asset value of exponential technologies and matches the most promising startups from all over the world, with leading corporate acquirors and investors in a managed marketplace.

Recognizing technology as an asset class, a grouping of securities that exhibit similar value characteristics globally, ALPHA10X ingests, classifies, analyzes, and decodes early signals from 250,000 data sources, correlated with a data lake of 60 million records in 8 languages, backtested against 10 years of historical data, to deliver statistically significant, contextually relevant predictions of asset value.

A knowledge graph acquires and integrates information into an ontology, or genome, and applies a reasoner to derive new knowledge, dynamically ordering technologies into the same building blocks (genes), the analysis of which generates a consistent description and understanding of the function and value of any individual technology, as well as it’s similarities and differences to related technologies.

The software quantitively measures impact in accordance with the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) system.

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