ALPHA10X Improves IAC Partners M&A Engagements Exponentially

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Building on more than 30 years of experience, IAC Partners provides strategic consulting services to clients across the globe. Mergers and acquisitions for midsized companies is one area of specialization. A pharmaceutical client was searching for a strategic acquisition to fill a product line void, typically a tedious process. Teaming with ALPHA10X simplified IAC Partners’ origination, screening, and qualification efforts exponentially and delivered exceptional results.

IAC Partners engaged with a pharmaceutical company that wanted to acquire an analytical lab to extend its services. Legacy M&A target origination, screening, and qualification is an inefficient, manually time-consuming process. A consultant would work on the project for months and create a list of about 50 targets, according to Alice Martin, manager at IAC Partners.

Also, the process was flawed. Typically, deals originate through networking, referrals, and research, which limits analysts’ ability to uncover all viable opportunities. Analysts would simply miss out on certain targets because of search and human shortcomings. The information sources are so wide-ranging, varied, and dynamic, and the employee’s time, tools, skills, and focus are so limited.

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Save Time and Improve Decision Making

Rather than the traditional approach, IAC Partners opted to partner with ALPHA10X, which built an AI solution that tracks over 25 million privately owned businesses around the world and provides 360-degree contextual knowledge about them. The system scours vast amounts of data sources, collects information, and correlates it to each client’s needs using a fit score to present a ranked list of targets.

In M&A, time is of the essence because targeted companies are in high demand. Instead of months, the research was completed in less than two weeks. The ALPHA10X platform identifies all companies that fit the acquisition criteria -- including off-market opportunities — to avoid missing any possible targets.

The quality was exceptional. We would not have been able to work as quickly and would have missed many potential targets relying on our legacy processes.
Alice Martin, Manager at IAC Partners

Furthermore, the ALPHA10X process relies more on empirical data rather than human emotion. ALPHA10X delivers an intuitive dashboard presenting the targets including a complete overview of each potential opportunity with an outline of where they do and do not mesh with the buyer’s desires. The platform augments human decision-making by being more objective and less subjective, therefore reducing risk and improving returns.

Make Data-Driven Innovation and Investment Decisions with Confidence

IAC found the ALPHA10X solution so helpful that it is extending its use. Innovation and investment decisions are high stakes and high risks. Rather than just M&A targets, the company plans to use the system for general-purpose innovation and investment decision-making.